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What do Oliver Sacks, The Hubble Telescope and Qualitative Research have in common?

They are all integral parts to understanding the world through direct OBSERVATION, yet, they have been dismissed at times by those who favor merely quantitative information. When Oliver Sacks first started writing case studies NO ONE in the academic or scientific community would even touch his work. At the time, the world of neuroscience was…
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shows that there are many different personalities in the workplace

The Art of Business Transformation – Tapping into The Power of People

The Art of Business Transformation – tapping into the power of people When you have a big idea that you know is amazing, you can’t wait to get to it, right?  Not so fast. Learn from my mistakes. Remember that fairy tale where a new baby was born, and everyone was invited except for ONE…
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The Art of Business Transformation

Why should you follow this approach? I’ve been fortunate enough to see change happen – and not – from the inside of organizations. Whether you work for a marketing communications firm, a strategic consultancy or inside an organization, having the opportunity to create change is huge. You’re probably excited and maybe even a little nervous.…
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