New York City, NY

What We Do

If Henry Ford had asked what customers wanted, they may simply have said faster or more reliable horses. That’s because customers can only describe the problems and needs they face—they can’t develop the solutions.

At Prosperity Productions, we bridge the gap between consumer desires and brand innovation. We get inside the data, going beyond the obvious to help you make informed decisions that connect with consumers, build brand reputation, and boost engagement.

Our insights work can:

  • Capture customer needs as they evolve.
  • Explore potential ideas – what makes them work and why?
  • Test messages and approaches for communications, sales, and advertising.
  • Rank creative, packaging and sales materials – what works best and why?
  • Measure the impact of new programs and campaigns.
  • Track customer sales and satisfaction.
  • Develop new products, distribution and communications channels.
  • Improve sales team performance.
  • Motivate and engage key partners, ad agencies, design shops, vendor partners and co-sponsorship partners.