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Nice Words About Us

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“Lori is one of the best researchers I have had the pleasure to work with. As a moderator, she is amazing both in front of and behind “the glass.” Because of her genuine interest and love of people, she connects with respondents in a special, disarming way that allows for a deep, meaningful, and revealing discussion.– Neil Marcus, Director Client Partnerships at Alpha

“She quickly understands the business challenges and customer perceptions – as well as client personalities. This makes it a true pleasure to bring her into a project. She’s uniquely able to connect to people. But that’s not even the most amazing part. Lori is also a filmmaker. She applies that experience to the research experience itself – she can really motivate participants to create video diaries – but also to your final report. Which means that you have something insightful and engaging that you really want to bring to your clients. I’d highly recommend Lori to others.” – Erica Martinez, SVP, Brand Strategy at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

“I have worked with Lori on numerous projects and have found her to be a first-rate researcher. She is inventive in designing studies and guides. She is a truly gifted interviewer who can elicit gems from any respondent, no matter how shy or difficult. And she does a great job of finding and illuminating insights. As a bonus, she’s very collaborative and always fun to work with.” – Hope Picker, VP, Insights at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

“Wow! I mean…wow! Did you ever work with…wow…someone and just walk away…wow…stunned. More energy and enthusiasm than a team of marketers could ever muster, with walk-into-a-pole brilliant ideas coming out of her mouth one after another – like she was just chatting. Wow!” – Mark Truss, Chief Research Officer at Wunderman Thompson

“I wasn’t even aware of the vast array of services Lori’s company offered when we hired her to manage a market research effort largely due to the stellar feedback we received from her past associates. I was impressed by all of our subsequent conversations whether related to the development of the research effort itself or just general industry matters. Lori’s entrepreneurial spirit allows her to function as more than just a number cruncher, but as a business partner able to quickly identify the challenges, offer smart insights and then provide innovative solutions. I truly hope that someone else will now read my compliments of her performance and hire her just as we did. They’ll be most pleased for sure.” – Joshua Arcus, Strategic Marketing Director


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