New York City, NY

Things you can do in this moment

Things you can do in this moment

What a time we are living in, right? I know. I’m here in New York City, which is very different than normal.

We are all in the same boat. You may be feeling scared, anxious, wondering what you can do.

There are still things you may want to do. Over the past two weeks, our team has been interviewing people in B2B as well as consumers, and we’ve heard the following insights about what your customers want to hear from you during COVID-19.


  1. Communicate that you care. A simple message that you care about your customers is welcome. If you are helping others, let them know that two.
  2. Provide relevant tips on things people can do. People want to feel like there is something they can do, something else they can focus on besides this crisis.
  3. Keep it short. People are overwhelmed. A simple message of caring is fine.
  4. Need interaction? My team and I are here to help you think through and navigate this moment. We are all in this together.


  1. Our team is contributing to non-profits that are helping others and paying salaries, even with no income. If you are doing the same, let us know.
  2. With COVID-19 forcing everyone to innovate, now is a great opportunity to find out-of-the-box ideas for how you can help your employees, charities, and others.

Continue your work

  1. I was interviewing financial managers the day Lehman fell. Throughout the day, we asked our respondents, “why did you decide to come in for this interview?” The answer was always the same, “it’s nice to have something else to think about.”
  2. Your customers need you; the world needs you. In whatever way you can, continue doing that important work.
  3. If you want to talk through how to move forward, reach you, we’re happy to help you think through how to best connect with your customers during this tough time.

We’ve updated this website with some new ways of explaining why insights matter, and I’ve written a couple of pieces you may find useful: What you can learn from performers about staying healthy.

Some of you may also know that I have a personal website that is chock full of funny videos, photos, kid’s jokes, and positive acts of kindness called Positivity Pinata. We are loading up on examples of GOOD things people are doing during this rough time and I invite you to share what good things you have noticed.

Please know that my heart and best wishes are with you. Stay safe out there! We’re in this together.