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Great Leaders Give Back!

Inspiring Leaders Like YOU Make the World A Better Place This holiday season I’m feeling especially grateful for all of my clients and colleagues.  I am honored to know you, to work with you and  to support you in all the good things you are doing to make the world a better place. This issue…
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How Great Leaders Say “Thank You!”

We’re all in this together, so saying “thank you” just makes sense! If you look closely at company performance, you’ll find that there’s a strong correlation between how companies engage with and value their employees.  It’s no coincidence that when people feel valued, they give value back. Think about how the current structure in Corporate…
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COVID Marketing Best Practices

The Art of Business Transformation – Walking Your Advertising Talk With the Great Resignation, part of the issue is compensation, but an even larger issue is COMPASSION, CARING and EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION.   This issue contains the following: An insight on how COVID-19 advertising can succeed or backfire What YOU can do now to close the…
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In Praise of Great Leaders

Study on CEOs and what they are thinking about agility, leadership and new priorities My dear friend John Bowen conducted a study of CEOs, what they’ve learned, what they see ahead and what they want most. Turns out, CEOs want what the rest of us want. First, they want to move forward with thoughtfulness and…
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COVID-19: What comes next?

COVID-19: What comes next? It the hot topic of the day – what comes after COVID? Progress has been made on COVID, and yet…so much is still to come. A lot of you have been asking for predictions on what comes next after COVID. Similarly, we’ve been getting a ton of data from various firms…
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shows that there are many different personalities in the workplace

The Art of Business Transformation – Tapping into The Power of People

The Art of Business Transformation – tapping into the power of people When you have a big idea that you know is amazing, you can’t wait to get to it, right?  Not so fast. Learn from my mistakes. Remember that fairy tale where a new baby was born, and everyone was invited except for ONE…
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The Art of Business Transformation

Why should you follow this approach? I’ve been fortunate enough to see change happen – and not – from the inside of organizations. Whether you work for a marketing communications firm, a strategic consultancy or inside an organization, having the opportunity to create change is huge. You’re probably excited and maybe even a little nervous.…
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New Year Intentions and Resources for Business

Things you might question if they are valuable or not: Staff meetings – are they just a verbal status report or is there more you could do? Can you take some of the admin items to email and spend a moment acknowledging what is going RIGHT for the team? Leaning on people – do you…
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Ways Companies Say Thank You to Workers

Below are extra special & effective ways to go about saying thanks to your staff. Harvard Business Review 8/7/2020 As the ongoing public health crisis has metastasized into an economic slowdown, it’s difficult for many corporations to retain and reward their people. Many firms aren’t in the position to give their employees large annual bonuses.…
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October Reading and Watching

In a recent newsletter, I wrote about self-care. Now, I’d like to talk about creating a great working environment through TRUE collaboration. Not, “I cc’d you on the email and invited you to the meeting” collaboration,” but rather, the kind of deep collaboration that turns “my project” into our “our achievement.” Being deeply connected to…
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