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October Reading and Watching

In a recent newsletter, I wrote about self-care. Now, I’d like to talk about creating a great working environment through TRUE collaboration. Not, “I cc’d you on the email and invited you to the meeting” collaboration,” but rather, the kind of deep collaboration that turns “my project” into our “our achievement.” Being deeply connected to…
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September Reading and Watching

What I’m reading –  just for laughs Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan is honestly one of the funniest books I ever read. The title comes from the first thing one of his sons wrote on the family whiteboard. Sample joke: “People ask me what my favorite ride was at Disneyworld. The train leaving the…
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August Reading and Watching

Reading… This month I’m focusing on inspiring stories of others who have been creative in their field, forging new paths that we now take for granted. I find that kind of story super helpful for the times we are in because we are all figuring out the future together. Hope you enjoy these! Tribe of…
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July Reading and Watching

Reading… As I’m thinking about kindness in the workplace, I went back to these three books that combine hard research with gentle persuasive techniques on how to be a better manager, how to make the workplace, and the world a better place. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t – This…
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